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Social Responsibility

The heat of the globe, and the decline in the amount of land that can be stored day by day due to various factors such as natural disasters and environmental balance that breaks down at the top speed, all of which reached dimensions that pose a great risk in the continuation of life.
From the reality of our social responsibilities towards nature and man, the father Mohammed Omar al - Hattami prolong his life in the establishment of warehouse stores Al - Forsan General Trading on an area of ​​more than 10000 square meters, taking into account that equipped and prepared a complete and integrated to help in the work of reducing the temperature of the Earth and the preservation of the environment Achieves its goal and mission towards the project of social responsibility

Social responsibility
Towards the youth, where the group of knights and the principle of help to reduce the unemployment rate by absorbing more than 370 people to work under the umbrella group in different sectors and sections and branches belonging to the group

Supporting reading and reading in Yemen:
Al Fursan Group for General Trading is a group of cultural and scientific competitions that rely on reading and reading to stimulate consumers of different ages, based on attractive prizes such as food baskets, cash and eye prizes.

In conclusion, Al Fursan General Trading Group undertakes the necessary work towards its social responsibilities, collective sharing, social cooperation and the transformation of its society into society. Thereby maintaining its sensitivity to this responsibility.










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