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Company History

Our story begins with the year Such as the tree Aldlp high, which fell in the soil in general (............). And a bold process wave that began thanks to the wishes of Father Mohammed Omar al-Hattani in his hometown of Dhamar
The family of Al-Tathami is one of the well-known families that trade in the Republic. Mohamed Omar Al-Hattami started his business in the field of import and export. He combines his high efforts and original capabilities in addition to supporting his dear family. After a short period of time, he introduced successful works. Some of his products were known by the names of international agencies such as Pepsi, Spring and Caesar, and he became a well-known merchant in the region with his honesty, honesty and sense of quality, service, civilization and publicity.
Mohammed Omar Al-Hattami collected the best food items, such as soft drinks, dairy products, juices, sweets, biscuits, chocolate and the like of the most famous agencies selling them, whether wholesale or retail. He was very interested in the selection of the agencies he would buy from, and the region where he would get those products.
And that this trade is the basis of the group of Al-Fursan General Trading, and began the father Mohammed Omar Al-Hattami business activities there, and the work of buying and selling food, transport and marketing. This increased his business experience.
The brothers: Anwar, Ayman, Essam and Assem Al-Hatami have acquired their vast knowledge, experience and insights gained by their father, all their commercial advantages, high standards, honesty and sincerity with the principles of supreme work. (Al-Fursan General Trading Group), which represents the light of Al-Fursan General Trading Group today. After this establishment, Wael and Louay Al-Hattami joined the organization to conduct sales and distribution operations professionally under the leadership of Anwar Mohammed Omar Al-Hatami in a wide sector including import and export with the implementation of unique works in this field.
Al-Fursan General Trading Group entered into the industrial sector with the production of mineral water in the year (..............), and continues its work today in its establishments covering an area of ​​10,000 square meters Al-Dhahi Al-Hudaydah Governorate, which accommodates more than 3 million (3 million) cartons.
Al Fursan General Trading Group continues to follow the global scientific developments of innovation, innovation and modernization by continuing to spend a budget on research and development with a group of specialized experts who sacrifice themselves for these investments.
Al Fursan General Trading Group, which has more than 370 types of products, has the capacity to distribute twice as much, thanks to expert activities from its dynamic staff with the Marketing and Sales Department.
Recently, Al Fursan General Trading Group continues to focus on research and development in the field of import and export and in the field of marketing to offer its products to consumers faster, safer, less additives, more healthy products, more active, natural and new, At lower prices for human service.










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