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Quality concept

Al Fursan General Trading Group is engaged in the import and export of quality control, but in the concept of placing high quality under guarantee. The concept of quality assurance has been raised as a next sentence: "Quality and guarantee of years ..." This concept is undoubtedly taken into consideration by all our employees in all areas of work as a condition that is never dispensed with.

The Group believes that the starting point for quality is ideas. Thus, the same level of awareness and sensitivity can be maintained about the quality of the product in all employees and not always dropped out of their agenda by organizing parallel courses of international standards that are developing day after day.

Cleanliness and food security from the entry of imported materials until the exit of products to the consumer are among the most vital points that must be observed with high accuracy. Food security is the most important element in the field of work, so sensitivities must be at the highest level.

The quality concept of Al Fursan General Trading Group reflects on each pack containing a product. Quality processes conducted by a group of experienced personnel begin before the imported materials and the packaging materials used are entered into the import unit. All stages of quality that have been meticulously designed before, during and after production are monitored and monitored by international agencies through which we import the best consumer products and then deliver quality approved products to consumers.

Al Fursan General Trading Group has demonstrated all its activities related to quality, hygiene and food security with quality certificates (ISO, HACCP) and continues to develop them by following up on the latest developments in the world.











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