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Principles and values

To provide the consumer in Yemen with different ages the right to enjoy our new products, different, activated, health, under the name of Al Fursan General Trading Group to make the Knights the largest companies in Yemen in the field of import and export.
The infrastructure of our principles is as follows:
The principle of all branches of Al Fursan Group for General Trading consists of honesty, sincerity, scientific, respect for national and global values, working using modern methods, adhering to custom, looking to the future safely and benefiting from the past, respecting man while preserving nature.
These values ​​are the golden keys to the life of stable, successful and long-lived institutions and companies. Al Fursan General Trading Group operates in accordance with the concept of "Forsan Group of Companies", which is: "If you wish to stay for your group, respect the human being and be at his service." This concept is a group, shared, dynamic, dynamic, and powerful, operating under the rules of the global economy.
Our goal is to direct our activities in the light of the principle of serving people to international dimensions, uniting the companies that will be formed by the new investments under the umbrella of our group of companies, and to be the world's largest company in the field of import and export and to make our group of companies one of the leading groups in the world. Thanks to the work and the serious activities that follow closely all technical and scientific developments.
We - as a group - believe that man is the largest capital ever, and we are interested in its development. In this way, we achieve with all our workers, all our companies and all stages of our work the collective and shared world concept, which believes in the cooperation of society and the state with a universal awareness aimed at human happiness and development.
We believe that Al Fursan General Trading Group, a group of companies that are affiliated to it and other companies that carry similar ideal concepts will contribute to the happiness of the workers working in these companies as the rest of the people and their prosperity and raise their standard of living and safety of their global sources










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