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The hotel is located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - Medina Hotel and Suites () is the first of its kind in a series of hotels that were planned within the group in the future The hotel is characterized by the beauty of its building in terms of design in addition to the qualitative materials used in addition to modern technology for construction and also those Used in all its various facilities. The hotel and suites (.........) provide quality accommodation and hospitality services that carry beautiful memories in the hearts of guests after the completion of the experience of staying at the hotel. Ok accommodation in all its meanings and problems We translate in practice in the finest details and you touch on the land .......... The hotel contains ..... A room and suite characterized by the beauty of the art of interior design and the quality of furniture and colors quiet harmonious Moreover, it is a large area to ensure a comfortable stay for all guests. The hotel has been dedicated to leisure and recreation areas, a health center, a swimming pool and all amenities. The hotel is classified as a 5-star hotel and is expected to open a guest door during the year 2015. We have no doubt that our services are fully in line with the global standards of this service and that we use for the convenience of our customers.











Address: Khawlan Street before the bridge
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